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New Jersey Duck Hunting

Our New Jersey duck hunting is both productive and convienant. All of our blinds are on impoundments and farm ponds (both are non-tidal)  which means easy access. No more boat rides in the dark, trying to walk through knee deep mud or having your gun and clothes covered in mud- all experienced when hunting a tidal marsh.

Our Impoundments

Our fresh water impoundments have the two ingredients essential for great puddle duck hunting- shallow water and a variety of natural foods.These impoundments provide ducks with high quality natural foods-wild rice, duck weed, smart weed and duck celery. These impoundments are 60-100 acres which means there is plenty of food throughout the gunning season. We also plant some wild rice each spring. These large impoundments are also big enough for birds to loaf on all day long without being disturbed. Also our impoundments are far apart which means  we  are hunting different bunches of birds to help keep our hunting consistently good.

Our ponds

For our New Jersey duck hunting, we also have farm ponds we hunt when the conditions are right. These ponds can provide good gunning when the hunting pressure is heavy or on windy days when the birds are looking for sheltered, protected water. Being small, shots on our farm ponds are generally inside of 25 yards.Being so small, these ponds can't take a lot of hunting pressure, so we hunt them only 1-2 times a month.


We like to use mostly GHG decoys because of their realism and little larger size. Most of the birds we are hunting travel in small bunches so 2-3 dozen decoys is plenty along with a few mojos when conditions dictate.

The Harvest 

We take a large variety of puddle ducks over the course of the season on these large impoundments. In the early season, (Oct -Nov) we mainly take smaller ducks- blue-wing teal, green-wing teal, wood ducks and mallards. In the late season, (Nov-Dec) we take a larger ducks and  variety- a few straggler teal and wood ducks but mainly mallards and gadwall and some days  pintail, widgeon and shovelers. We also take some Canada geese when conditions are right.


New York Snow Goose Hunting

Starting in March 2012, Del Bay Guide Service will follow the spring migration up to upstate new York  extending  our gunning into early April.

We hunt these wintering snow geese just about every day  starting in late October thru mid- March when the birds start to migrate north. Nobody knows better than us as to when the snow geese are leaving the Delmarva Peninsula. The birds make a quick stop in PA  then  head north about 330 miles to the Lake Champlain area of New York.

Lake Champlain Valley is the last major staging area before heading north to Quebec. Upwards of 100,00 snow geese sometimes stage here. Lake Champlain is  a large lake- 125 miles long and 14 miles at its widest point  (bigger than the entire state of Delaware)  and with its bordering farms make it ideal area for a stopover on the migration north. We will be hunting this area during the conservation season which is  from  March 11 –April  5. 


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